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Low-Income Homeowners Achieve Asset Security – Restoring the security of homeownership empowers people to transform their lives. It is a solid step upward, away from the stresses, health concerns, and high energy costs that accompany living in substandard dwellings. It is a base for attaining personal wealth and maintaining generations-old property.


Benefits to Individuals - Elderly can age-in-place; the physical and mental health of affected family members improves; those with disabilities experience a better quality of life through safe access; youth educational performance improves because of better household conditions.


Benefit to Communities – CRM's relationship-building outreach fosters the type of community engagement that empowers people to come together. CRM and their partners believe that by working alongside residents to rebuild their homes a model born of fellowship, trust, finding one's voice, and uniting around a shared vision is created that will provide the building blocks for transforming rural communities.

County Housing Statistics Improve - County and Municipal Governments provide CRM with the evidence that shows the number of low-income homeowners and the threats they are facing. Every rural county can point to areas where blight, dilapidated and unsafe structures, and crime dot areas previously occupied by homeowners. Where population loss occurs business closures soon follow.

Sustainable Low-Income Homeownership Model Grows - CRM believes their relationship-building outreach based on love thy neighbor will send volunteers home further equipped in loving thy neighbor within the communities that they serve.  Together we incubate a strengthening network or bridge-building that can improve social outcomes and revitalize our connection to each other.

505                FAMILIES SERVED

121              VOLUNTEER TEAMS


85,500         VOLUNTEER HOURS

$1,420,000  VALUE OF

                    VOLUNTEER LABOR

$790,000     CONSTRUCTION

                    MATERIALS & SERVICES

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