We believe that healthy and safe homeownership can transform lives,
revitalize rural communities, and strengthen
our connection with one another.

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CRM Services to Families

CRM currently serves North Carolina's northeastern Counties of Washington, Chowan, and Bertie.

Together with our teams of mission volunteers, we work with low-income homeowners to provide accessibility upgrades and repairs that target health and safety.  

Typical repairs can include: 

  • Wall & Ceiling Sheetrock 

  • Floors/Subfloors

  • Re-roofing

  • Wheelchair Ramp

  • Plumbing & Electrical

  • Window/Door 

  • Weatherization

Contact CRM by Phone at 252-741-9502

or stop by our main office at:

3034 Highway 64 East Plymouth, NC

Application Papers PDF for Printing

"The volunteers were some of the most genuine Christians that I have ever met. They came to do a job and treated my mother and me as though we were paying them a million dollars. Words cannot express the joy that I feel, because the home improvements Carolina Rebuilding Ministry did for us changed our lives." Iris Sanders, Homeowner


Transforming Lives & Communities

CRM Is Addressing A Need - Residents living in substandard housing are more likely to have poor physical and mental health, children attain less well at school, and where homeownership is considered the key to building one's future, low-income homeowners who cannot keep up with the high cost of repairs and energy are unable to build personal wealth or maintain generational ownership of their property.


Retirees and homeowners with disabilities face an additional financial burden when their homes require pathways and ramps to make them accessible.  Without safe access people become housebound, and their emotional and physical health declines.


Research shows that stable and diverse homeownership strengthens rural communities.  When homes are vacated, blight and decay spread. Residents lose hope and our young move away in search of opportunity.


CRM’s outreach model engages homeowners, rural church leadership, mission teams, and the community. It is this “engagement” that is the glue towards developing a thriving community. 


CRM also sees our housing initiative as a core link within the three-point network of housing, healthcare, and food.  We understand that all three must work together to truly create an impact.  When CRM Teams work with homeowners, we are in an excellent position to connect people with resources and local agencies.  Being that bridge can take housing repairs one step further towards healthy living.    



"My heart is full of joy to have met such a sweet group of people. They are like family to me now. God blessed me with a back porch, windows, and the top step of my front porch is fixed." 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Jones


"I am so pleased and happy with all of the work that you have performed in my home.  From the roof to the floors, and my bathroom. You have blessed us so abundantly. May God continue to bless your ministry with every need that you have to continue to bless all those that are in need of your help."

C. Chesson & Family 


Giving Makes This Happen

Since 2011 CRM has helped 505 families. We could not have done this without donations, grants, and in-kind labor from mission teams that travel from all over the eastern United States. 

Word of CRM's impacts has spread and throughout 2021 calls for assistance from neighboring Counties prompted us to expand. Our projection for 2022 is 276 families. Funding goes towards materials, on-site construction management to assist  Mission Teams, equipment, reporting, and the much-needed administration to keep the mission moving forward.

Ways To Donate

CRM Gives Thanks to Our Mission Teams and Volunteers

Carolina Rebuilding Ministry Mission Partners

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